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In this section, you will find articles about social or cultural events that take place in the Richelieu Valley, Quebec all year long. If you wish to advertise such an event in this magazine, you can contact us by email with a brief description of your event.

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The Balloon Festival of St-Jean-sur-Richelieu started back in 1984.
It celebrates its 18th Anniversary This year
Antique Cars exhibition in Chambly
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Under the presidency of Mr.Pierre Dufault, former sports commentator at Radio-Canada,Voitures Anciennes du Québec inc., invited all to its 10th Anniversary presentation of its antique cars Elegance Contest on saturday and sunday, August 4th and 5th, 2001

In this section, you will find informations about cultural or social events taking place in the Richelieu Valley such as theater, movies, music festivals exhibits, etc..

If you are presenting such an event and wish to annouce it in theses pages, you may
contact us by email

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We are presently putting together a network of contacts in the Richelieu Valley from Noyan at the US border to Sorel. These contacts will be your eyes and ears in all corners of the Richelieu Valley. If you have free time and would like to participate to our cultural and social life of our region by sharing useful informations, just register by filling our form on this site. We will contact you when we activate the network.