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Become a member of our network
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You wish to participate to the content of this magazine ?

We offer you the possibility to participate in four ways:
  • Information
    You can become the eyes and ears of the magazine in your area by keeping us informed of events taking place in your area. Also you could submit articles describing your appreciation of events you took part in or witnessed. and who could be of interest to our readers.

    Just fill in the registration form we have provided and you will be contacted when the time come to activate the network.
  • Photo Album
    We are also putting together a photo album of the Richelieu Valley.

    You took nice pictures of our region and would like to share them with our visitors, NOTHING IS MORE SIMPLE. If you have a scanner, send us your pictures of the region (sorry, no pictures of your backyard). if you do not have a scanner, send us your photos will a stamped enveloppe if you wish to get them back. Also, send a brief description of when and where you took the picture, on what occasion plus your contact information if we need to get in touch with you.

  • Our Comments Page
    Here is the simplest way to participate: Use our comments page and share your appreciation of our web site or make suggestions to improve content. Make sure you sign your comments with your email address. An unsigned comment will not be posted.

  • Become a sales representative for the magazine
    Make extra money while meeting peoples! We are looking for responsible people who are connected to the web to sell ads to businesses in your area. To learn more, send an email to the Magazine Editor including your name, address, phone number, and experience. We will call you back to discuss conditions relative to this post..