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Why do like others?
by Mireille Mallette
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J A C Q U E S    D U B E Y
Stained Glass Artist
Noyan, (Qc)

Jacques Dubey specializes in the creation of unique jewellery boxes


"I only make one copy of each jewellery box I create. This add to their value and make it more interesting for collectors."

How did you start doing stained glass ?

In the late 70', we bought and old victorian house in the country and this house did not have any stained glass windows like the one I had in Montreal. I thought that maybe I could make some myself to enhance the look of this house. So I bought a book about stained glass basics and after a period of trial and error, I did manage to created stained glass windows for my house usind both the "Tiffany" and the lead came techniques..

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These two jewellery boxes were designed from existing furniture

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Detail of stained glass box above

You did not learn through a stained glass school?

No, I am rather impulsive and when I bought the book, I also bought some glass and tools and designed my first project. The only problem is I did not read the book first and I started with the lead came which is much more difficult to work than the "Tiffany" method. At one point I felt like throwing everything in the garbage but I restarted my project (after reading the book this time) and did finally manage to design and construct stained glass panels for my windows. I also designed a few lampshades, small boxes and mirrors for friends and a few clients.

What about the stained glass furniture?

I also designed a few lampshades, mini glass grenhouses, small boxes and mirrors for friends and a few clients. After a while, it was boring to do theses things and I wanted to take stained glass one step further and make it more challenging. I wanted to create something unusual in stained glass, something I had not seen in the many books I bought about the subject. So I decided to reproduce real victorian furniture on a smaller scale that could be used as unique jewellery boxes.

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First box designed from scratch (no furniture)

How did you proceed?

First, I had to measure the real furniture and scale it down to the size I wanted. Also I had to figure out a way to construct the whole thing complete with real drawers, movabIe mirrors, etc. The plans I made were used for cutting the glass parts. I had to figure out a way for the drawers to slide easily out of their places. Also due to the fact that glass tickness is not always even,. every piece of glass was custom fitted to the point where each drawer has its own place and cannot be interchanged. The plans were used to cut the outer surfaces of the box. Each drawers was cut without any plans and custom fitted. Each drawer is mounted on a velvet cloth and inside the box, glass guides covered with velvet are used to slide these drawers in place. Opening a drawer is very smooth and noise free. The inside of each drawer is also custom designed depending on which type of jewellery will be stored in (rind, necklaces, etc) and is also finished in velvet.(see photo above)

Why should collectors be interested in these boxes ?

Because of their originality. I have never seen any boxes like theses. Also only one copy is made for each box. All related plans are destroyed after completion of project so it cannot be copied unless somebody buy one and take it apart that is.

Before we leave, do you have any other projects on the burner?

I have a quite elaborated project going. It is a more classical project. Some time ago, I started doing panels for the bay window in my house. These panels are 2 X 2 feet and one is made up of more than 950 pieces of glass (that is an average of 240 pices per square foot and the central panel is made of around 850 pieces 9see photo at bottom of page). I use the "Tiffany" method for these panels. Two are already made and I will eventually finish the third one.

Thank you for this interview that might give ideas to other stained glass artists and help broaden their creative horizons.

Thank you. If anybody is interested in my work, they can reach me through my email address

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Panneau central d'un groupe de trois pour une baie vitrée