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The "Gold" Plan
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At a fraction of the cost of traditional publications

Get the best positionning available in this magazine! This plan will offer you maximum visibility because it will be placed at the top of one of our 5 main sections (only 5 gold plans are available on this site) for each of the following: Summary, Tourism, Shows, Arts, Shopping. These are the first buttons that a visitor click to view the content of the site. Only one position per contrat will be allowed. (ex: the tourism page).

With this plan you get the following:

Creation of a banner like the one above that will be clickable and will give access to a personnalized opening page (in the language of your choice (french or english) which will include the following:

  • Your access banner (468 X 60 pixels)
  • Your logo on the listing pages and in your personnalized page
  • One photo of your commerce or products
  • A brief description of your type of business on the listing page.
  • Your contact information including: Name, full address, telephone and fax no, and your email address if available.
  • A link to your website if you already have one.

You can view a sample of such a page here.

N.B. Pages requested in french and english will be considered as two separate banners

You will also be listed on the appropriate page in this magazine with a link to your personnalized page from there as well.

These packages are for a minimum of one year only.

Total cost for one package for one year:

for one year in french OR english

Important: All material needed for the personnalized page must be supplied by client.