A    R     T    I     S    A      N     S


The 7th Arts and Crafts Exhibit
Ste-Victoire de Sorel

on October 21st from 10H00 to 20H00 and
on October 22nd from10H00 17H00
at the Ste-Victoire de Sorel recreationla Center
For more informations please contact
Mme Yolande Cournoyer at 450-782-2378.

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introgranger.JPG (7452 octets) Daniel Granger - Wood Sculptor
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"I like it when a client proposes me with a new challenge. I can use my knowledge and creativity. This is where I find my pleasure..."

Daniel Granger

Collector's Items
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brunsm.JPG (10241 octets) Unique stained glass furniture
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"Each jewellry box is unique and can be designed to accompany an existing piece of furniture..."

Jacques Dubey